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All our coaches approach real estate with the same Performance Coaching philosophy, but each one has a particular area of focus. Schedule a free consultation to find out who is the perfect fit for you.


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What do the specialties mean?

Each of our coaches has a particular strength in one or more of the following areas. Tell us what you need to work on, and we'll find the best coach for you.

The Six Building Blocks

Mindset of Harmony

Live and work in peace—not stress—every single day, no matter what.

Time Blocking

Take control of your time and get what’s most important done.


Your most powerful tool for building a repeat and referral business.

Process Management

Build structure and continuous improvement into everything you do.

Tactical Empathy

Become a trusted advisor by making your clients feel understood.

Numbers Tracking

Make decisions with real information, not instinct and impulse.

The Three Career Phases



Establish your client base and build the essential systems of a scalable real estate business.



Maximize your potential as a solo agent or a team leader through strategic growth.



Get ready to sell or pass on your business so it keeps generating value for you even after you retire.

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