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Life is a series of negotiations so let's take your emotional intelligence and intuition to the next level! It is an honor to have on the show today the world's leading former FBI hostage negotiator and the Founder of The Black Swan Group, Chris Voss. Together with Chris is Steve Shull, a former American football player and the co-creator of The Full Fee Agent. We're not kidding when we say everyone needs to listen to this episode!

Podcast | Short Term Rental Secrets

Steve Shull a real estate coach talks about how and why he got into the real estate business. Steve describes how he’s spent over 60.000 hours of one-on-one coaching over his career. Next, Steve discusses what is he telling his real estate agents in order to keep them in the right mindset for 2023. Steve presents his 6 core building blocks to develop a mindset of harmony and discusses all of them. Last, Steve and D.J. discuss the importance of preparation for every aspect of your life.

Podcast | Keeping It Real

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