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The Real Estate Team Playbook with Jonathan Lack, Dana Green and Steve Shull

April 27, 2024

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What You Missed at the Full Fee Agent Conference

4/30/24 | Performance Coaching

The Full Fee Agent with Chris Voss and Steve Shull

8/3/23 | Curaytor

Why You Should Always Charge Your Worth

12/12/22 | Real Estate Rockstars

Never Split the Difference with Chris Voss and Steve Shull

1/9/23 | Short Term Rental Secrets

What a Top Real Estate Coach Is Telling Agents To Do In 2023

1/12/23 | Keeping It Real with D.J. Paris

Real Estate Agent Can Get A Full Commission Every Time

7/24/23 | Path to Mastery

Getting Paid for What You're Worth with Chris Voss and Steve Shull

7/31/23 | The Cash Flow Kings

Chris Voss’ Guide to Gaining the Edge in ANY Negotiation

2/16/23 | Real Estate Rockstars

Charge What You're Worth: Lessons on Sales and Negotiation From the Field

5/15/23 | Young and Profiting

Implementing Tactical Empathy with Chris Voss and Steve Shull

5/31/23 | The Short Term Show

"The Full Fee Agent" with Steve Shull

5/1/23 | Boroughs & Burbs

Ex-FBI lead hostage negotiator Chris Voss on how to negotiate anything

2/3/23 | Oh My Goff

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