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How you do business is more important than how much business you do.


It might sound crazy, but this radically different approach to real estate is the key to reaching your highest potential without burning out. Read on to see what we mean.



A relentless focus on the fundamentals 

Real estate is a simple business. You don’t need secret tricks to get to the next level—just consistent execution. Here, you’ll learn the only 6 things you need to build a thriving repeat and referral business, and you’ll get the support to truly master them.

Mindset of Harmony

Live and work in peace—not stress—every single day, no matter what.

Time Blocking

Take control of your time and get what’s most important done.


Your most powerful tool for building a repeat and referral business.

Process Management

Build structure and continuous improvement into everything you do.

Tactical Empathy

Become a trusted advisor by making your clients feel understood.

Numbers Tracking

Make decisions with real information, not instinct and impulse.

Learn About the Six Building Blocks

From day one to retirement



Establish your client base and build the essential systems of a scalable real estate business.



Maximize your potential as a solo agent or a team leader through strategic growth.



Get ready to sell or pass on your business so it keeps generating value for you even after you retire.

"Steve's coaching is like lighting in a bottle.

It rattles you to the core but produces unquestionable results. He seems like the most intense guy but stoically calls you to check the very nature of your being and get to the truth of the matter in every situation, which refines your process and makes you better in every area. Seems like lots pressure but once you submit to it and go through it, the outcome is assured. I highly recommend Steve's coaching—it works!!!"

Alessandra Castrogiovanni
Los Angeles, CA


You're a perfect fit for our coaching if...


You refuse to settle for constant chaos and struggle

You want to make great money AND have a life

You’re willing to leave your comfort zone

You’re ready to do the work it takes to change


Are you coachable?

If you're considering working with a coach, this is the first question to ask yourself.

Coaching has zero value unless you actually do what your coach asks you to do. And one thing is for certain: Your coach is going to ask you to do all the things you don't want to do.

That's why you need a coach!

The foundation of any great coaching relationship is trust. You hire a coach because you believe they have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help you accomplish things you would not achieve on your own.

If you think you know better than your coach...

If you continually question what you're being asked to do...

If you resist doing the things you're being coached to do...


I played professional football for the Miami Dolphins under head coach Don Shula, the winningest coach in NFL history. He knew how to get the best out of every player. Expectations were clear, and he did not tolerate excuses or lack of effort. He was tough, exacting, and relentless. He never took his thumb out of your back, and you were BETTER for it.

That's what a great coach does for you...but only if you actually do what they tell you to do!

I am a believer in the basics. If you decide to work with us, you are going to hear the same things repeated in a million different ways: be prepared, execute to the best of your abilities, and get better every day.

Those are the things you'll be asked to do, and to get the benefits, you have to actually do them.

So, ask yourself again...are you coachable?

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