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What can I say about Steve Shull and his coaching platform? I can honestly say it has changed my thinking, many of my actions, and I have found I am making much better use of my time while our team is making more money. The morning calls and evening calls have become a consistent part of my life. They have given me a healthier perspective, more communication skills, better mindset, and a greater peace about what I do. I cannot say enough awesome words or convey how much I have learned and how much I appreciate Steve and his coaching calls. I’m completely a fan of the favorite or the fool concept and additionally the Chris Voss tactical empathy lessons. All of this is priceless.

Jody Clegg

COMPASS | Huntington Beach, CA


Steve Shull not only helps agents access, understand, and change their limiting beliefs and actions, he also provides them with a community of others engaged in the same process. The individual and collective benefits of his coaching work are not only tangible and practical but also existential, even philosophical. I cannot thank Steve enough for providing such value from day one.

Jeremy Davidson

COMPASS | San Francisco, CA


I have been coaching with Steve Shull since I began my real estate career 20 years ago.  The coaching has been life-changing (which includes career-changing).

Steve is so dedicated to helping his clients become better agents and more importantly better humans.  He is multi-faceted in his coaching by including outside writers, expert negotiators, recommending books, creating new classes to improve upon skills, etc. I get emails every day from other coaches looking to gain my business, but there is no one else I would coach or consult with.  He is absolutely the best. 

Therese Hyde

COMPASS | Beverly Hills, CA

I have been coaching with Steve Shull since I received my Real Estate license in 2013, and cannot say enough about how much help he has provided over these years. From the start, I have been on his morning and evening group calls, as well as both one-on-one coaching, and multiple trips to the desert for his weekend retreats. Steve’s coaching has had a shift in the last several years, concentrating on mindset, work/live balance, and many other teachings; it encompasses much more than just buyers and sellers. I could not imagine my career in Real Estate without having Steve by my side, whether it is as a sounding board, a trusted advisor, or putting his thumb in my back. I endorse Steve's coaching and group calls without reservation!

William Baker

THE AGENCY | Beverly Hills, CA

Probably one of the best decisions I made was to join Steve’s morning coaching calls. Having the opportunity to work through and roleplay difficult situations dramatically improved my skills. Without those calls, I may have dropped out of real estate due to my sanity. Thankfully these calls were like therapy and created a safe space to share. I’ve enjoyed all the friendships that have transpired, you start to feel like family. Everyone is helping each other to become better.

Rachel Kaiser

COMPASS | San Diego, CA


Steve Shull’s 12 Week programs have been life-changing for me. I have coached with him, on and off for 15 years but he finally has driven the message home every morning at 800am and every evening Monday through Thursday at 530pm. He lays out a process that we all should know, time blocking, prospecting, CRM (daily inputs), and heat the same time combs your mindset to become calm yet organized. I, am finally doing what he has taught for so many years and just this year resonated with me. If you are not coaching with Steve, you need to know.

Thank Steve for making me make a difference in my work and life.

Andrea Gilbert

Sotheby's | Solana Beach, CA

I've been participating in Steve's Morning/Evening Coaching program for two years now and have no intention of giving it up. The morning sessions are eye-opening, build awareness and help time block and set a solid mindset for the day. They've dramatically improved my approach to my business, how I conduct business, and how I interact with and counsel clients. The evening role-playing sessions, focusing on the teachings of Steve and Chris Voss' tactical empathy and emotional intelligence philosophies for better communication, are a total game-changer. If you want to begin and end each day with your mind in the right space, this program is a no-brainer!

Darian Robin

THE AGENCY | Los Angeles, CA


Steve Shull is more than a real estate coach - he is an amazing 'life' coach with his elevated approach to applying your best self to relationship building and creating a referral-based business through connection, building trust, and really understanding your clients needs and expectations. Working smarter, not harder with a sound foundation of tools makes his coaching unique and extremely compelling. A total game-changer. I highly recommend Steve Shull!

Michele Moses

Douglas Elliman | Beverly Hills, CA


Steve Shull's coaching is not what you would expect. I was coached by a traditional coach for 7 years before meeting Steve. Before Steve, it was all about deals and making more money which also came anger, anxiety, and a feeling of being always behind and not where I needed to be.
After I connected with Steve I was overwhelmed with how different this style was. It focused more on growing myself and exposed me to others who also felt that the business could be done differently and in a way that made you feel good but gave you your life back.

After connecting with Steve I work 4 days a week, golf on Fridays, spend the weekend with my family (uninterrupted by calls) and I’m going to have my best month ever this month. I’m grateful our paths crossed and I stepped outside of my comfort zone to grow into a better man, husband, and father. The business comes pretty easy when you’re better at those things.

Kurt J. Sprigler

Keller Williams | Destin & 30A, FL



I just want to take the time to thank Steve Shull for the life Experience of Coaching with him. Not only does his coaching help me in my Real Estate Journey it is truly a Life Experience. It has been an absolute gift to be on coaching calls with him. I now take the time to really think through my responses to not only my clients but also with my Family.

Thank you Steve!

Kathy Bernal

COMPASS | Conejo Valley, CA


Steve's coaching is like lighting in a bottle. It rattles you to the core but produces unquestionable results. He seems like the most intense guy but stoically calls you to check the very nature of your being and get to the truth of the matter in every situation, which refines your process and makes you better in every area. Seems like lots pressure but once you submit to it and go through it, the outcome is assured. I highly recommend Steve's coaching - it works!!!

Alessandra Castrogiovanni

COMPASS | Santa Monica, CA


When I began Steve’s coaching call program I wasn’t sure what to expect… but found myself very pleasantly surprised. The calls are all great, you quickly feel comfortable on them and you start to see the benefit one call and one kernel of Steve’s wisdom at a time. Sprinkled into the coaching are Steve’s incredible insights and philosophies that will resonate with you long after the program is over.

Jeff Edmiston

COMPASS | Boston, MA


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