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Why You’ll Do the Wrong Things at the Wrong Time—and Not Even Know It

process management Oct 09, 2023

by Steve Shull, Founder & Head Coach


Last week I had my first session with a brand new coaching client who has been in real estate for 20 years and does over $3M per year in GCI.

When I asked what he wanted to get out of coaching, he said one thing: accountability.

Good answer.

Most agents, whether they realize it or not, are massively held back by a lack of accountability.

They get into this business to have freedom and flexibility, but what they don’t realize is that without accountability, those things are impossible.

Here’s why.

As you know, this is a 24/7/365 business. You have the “freedom” to answer a text from a client at 11 PM and the “flexibility” to drop everything for a listing appointment on Sunday afternoon, but there’s no good time for a day off or a vacation. 

On top of that, distractions are everywhere. Staying focused on the right things is an uphill battle because everyone and everything is demanding your attention—including your own worries and fears.

If you’re not being held accountable to something or someone, you’ll be all over the place…and probably on your way to burn out.

Everyone wants to believe they can hold themselves accountable.

My advice? Don’t fool yourself. We highly overestimate our ability for self-discipline. 

One year when I was in the NFL, the players went on strike for 6 weeks. Every day, we would get together to practice on our own, without the coaches, because we knew we had to stay in shape.

We’d stretch, throw the ball a little…and 45 minutes later, we were gone.

Compared to the practices run by the coaches, it was pathetic. We were professional, paid athletes at the highest level, and even we couldn’t hold ourselves accountable for giving our best effort.

And you know what?

That’s okay! It’s normal. It’s human. 

And it means you need to create a strong accountability system to keep yourself on track.

A good accountability system has two parts: people and process.

By people I mean someone who can help you focus on the right things and challenge you to do your best work.

That’s what coaches are for. They know how to analyze your situation and give you the direction you need, which might be different from what other people need.

Some of my clients need me to hold them accountable for putting in the hours and doing the hard work. Others do that stuff no problem, but they need accountability around taking time off and taking care of themselves. 

Every person has their specific accountability needs, and a good coach provides tailored support for them.

But even the best coaching needs process to back it up.

Because your coach can’t babysit you all day. You need tools to help you execute the things you know you’re supposed to do.

You need a calendar that organizes your day and keeps you focused.

You need a CRM that keeps track of your relationships and helps you nurture them. 

You need a task management system to make sure you do the right things.

You need checklists and procedures so each task gets done right.

This is what I mean by process. When you set these things up right and let them hold you accountable, it completely changes the game.

Because here’s the harsh truth: Left to your own devices, there’s a very high probability that you’re gonna screw everything up.

You’ll do the wrong things, in the wrong way, at the wrong time, and not even know it.

You’ll get distracted, avoid the uncomfortable work, and end up playing well below your highest potential.

That’s why creating an accountability system is so important. Good coaching sets your focus and challenges you to improve, and strong processes keep you steady on that path.

If you know your accountability system is weak, The Process Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to strengthen it. 

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be coaching alongside process expert Susie Adamson for 6 weeks, teaching you the tools and the mindset to create the guardrails you desperately need.

Doors close tonight, so click below to join us before it’s too late!

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