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Why Most Real Estate Coaching Gets It All Wrong

coach's corner mindset Apr 28, 2024
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Last week, I heard another real estate coach give a presentation.

This is someone who is hugely popular, has very attractive marketing, and on the surface, seems to make the same kinds of promises I do about having a business and a life you enjoy.

But the longer I listened, the clearer it became that what we do at Performance Coaching is the OPPOSITE of what this person was teaching.

In fact, it’s the opposite of pretty much ALL the coaching in this industry.

We don’t do shortcuts and quick fixes.

We don’t do bells and whistles.

We don’t do hype and false promises.

We’re not teaching you how to best compete for business.

We’re not teaching you how to generate or convert leads.

We’re not teaching you how to sell more—at least not directly.

So if we're not doing that, what are we doing?

We’re teaching you how to build a repeat and referral business…

That’s sustainable, scalable, and stress-free…

And ultimately becomes an asset you can sell or monetize.

This does not happen by accident.

It's not something you manifest. It won’t happen overnight. You achieve it by starting with the end in mind and working backwards.

So you have to ask yourself: what do you want to get out of your business personally, professionally, and financially?

What will make this endeavor worth your time and effort?

How do you want to show up every day?

Then, how do you make all that your reality?

In thinking about all these things, you then have to ask yourself if you can do this on your own.

The short answer is NO.

This is the big sticking point for so many agents. Everyone wants to believe they can do everything themselves, and they run themselves ragged trying.

But if you want to grow your business, it starts with recognizing one simple fact…

You CAN’T do everything.

It’s a physical impossibility. You can try for a while, but all your efforts to do everything will eventually fail.

And when they do, there are only two things that can save you: COACHING and PROCESS.

Coaching is what keeps you focused on the right things, especially when you don’t feel like doing them…which is pretty much all the time.

Process is what makes your work truly efficient, reliable, and scalable—the first step in treating your business like a real business, not just a job.

Until you learn that you can’t do everything, nothing is going to materially change for the better in your business.

But no one else is going to teach you that.

They’re just going to keep telling you how to win the next deal, as if this were a fair competition on a level playing field.

We know the playing field isn’t level—you’re either the Favorite or the Fool before the conversation even begins.

We know you can’t convince anyone of anything—you can only build trust by making them feel understood.

We know transactions don’t compound over time—but relationships do.

And we DEFINITELY know you can’t do everything on your own…which is why we’re here to help you.


Have a great week!


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