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The Week of November 21st in Review

Nov 21, 2022

Top Performer Traits

There is no mystery when it comes to figuring out what it takes to be a Top Performer in real estate sales.

This is what the typical profile looks like for a Top Performer.

1. Top Performers are driven.They have purpose and passion. They know why they get up and get out of bed every day.

2. Top Performers have a growth mindset. They are incredible students. They are always looking to advance and get better. They constantly seek new ways to improve and sharpen their skills.

3. Top Performers show up no matter what. They work harder than most. They are the definition of consistency. 

4. Top Performers are optimistic. They see the glass as half-full, not half-empty. They have a can-do attitude and don't give into their fears easily.

5. Top Performers are opportunistic. They know how to put a deal together. They see both the big picture and the tiniest of details. They can anticipate what comes next. They facilitate transactions, not get in the way of them. They seek to be the solution, not the problem.

6. Top Performers have stick-to-it-ness. They are gritty. They persist. They persevere. They are emotionally resilient. They bounce back quickly. They are relentless. They get energized when things get tough.

7. Top Performers are risk takers. They are not afraid of change. They know how to pivot when necessary. They are willing to spend money to make money. They take chances. They are not willing to settle for less.

Look closely at this list. Do you possess these same traits? Are you applying yourself in the same way Top Performers apply themselves? Remember, the only limits in real estate (and life) are self-imposed. No one or no thing or no circumstance... can stop you from being more productive on a daily basis!!

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 What is your mind set on?

What a great great question.
What are you thinking about every day?
How are you monitoring your "head space" every day?
What are you doing to keep your head "straight" every day?
This is the  most important work you can be doing on a daily basis! Is this truly your top priority each and every day? Why or why not?
As mentioned above... Top Performers have a growth mindset, not a closed mindset. They are abundantly curious and always seeking to evolve and become more aware. They know the importance of Mind-Set and Attitude and spend the necessary time working to keep their head in the right place, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
If this interests you at all... join the Mindset Call this Tuesday!!

Mini-Brokerage or Team?

This is a repeat of last week and the week before because it is so important.

Please read and reflect one more time.

If you have a team...

Are you really a team or a mini-brokerage in disguise?

Here is the difference - As a "TEAM" Leader... you are dictating what each member of your team is doing every day in a very coordinated way, how they are doing it and there is true accountability.

In a brokerage - Everyone is simply just doing their own thing!!

I want all of you to be clear... the Brokerage Model does NOT work!!

You can't pay your team agents more in split than your company dollar allows. This means the top split should be no more than 50%.

Ask yourself a very simple question... are your team agents willing to accept 50% of your net split and still feel like they are getting great value for what they pay?

If the answer is NO... you are going to have a really hard time attracting, keeping and growing talent. Or you are going to have a hard time making any money if your splits are too high.

As a real estate professional... you have been trained to be a salesperson, not a business person.

In order to build and grow a successful team... you will need to transition at some point from Rainmaker to CEO.

They are two completely different skill sets.

As I write repeatedly in this column... you need to know what you are really signing up for when you start a team.

It is NOT what you think it is going to be.

Running a business is something entirely different than selling homes.

If you are truly committed to being a successful team leader... email and request Session #1 of the 6 Week Ultimate Team Playbook Coaching Program. Please put Session #1 in the subject line.


The entire real estate sales industry is built upon a false premise.

From Day 1 in real estate you have been taught that you win or lose business based on your listing presentation. 

This idea has been drilled into your head non-stop. And it is completely and totally false.

I know this is shocking to most of you. However, it doesn't make it any less true.

By the time someone calls you about listing their home, they have already made their mind up or they are leaning strongly in a direction.

Rather than presenting to people who are NOT open minded...

In a 15 to 30 minute Zoom call, you can find out whether you are the Favorite or the Fool.

Chapter 2 in The Full Fee Agent reviews this concept in great detail.

Last week I was talking to a newer client who shared they went on 150 listing appointments in the last year. Most of you would be jumping through the roof to go on that many appointments. They also shared they got 75 listings and did not get 75 listings. Their hit ratio was 50% (PS this the average hit ratio for most top performing agents). This number makes no sense if you think about it. How would the same presentation to the same type of clients work 50% of the time, and not work 50% of the time? Mathematically, it is no different than flipping a coin. 

If you truly want to know why people hire you and why they don't hire you... READ THE BOOK!!

You will completely understand why certain people list with you and others don't... when you are giving the same presentation each time.

I shared with the client above... in the upcoming year... they won't have to go on 90% of the appointments they didn't get and they will end up listing more property, not less!!

This book is not some retread of anything you have ever read before.

Challenge yourself to take the next step in your professional career. Buy and read this book today!! Stop making yourself into a commodity and learn how to build your business based on trust and communicating with people in the most authentic honest way possible.

This book is worth your investment of time and money a million times over!!


Continuing with our surfing theme from last week...

Here is an article on Laird Hamilton and The Art of Surfing that ties into many of the Top Performer qualities listed above - THE ART OF SURFING.



We are back to a full week of calls including:

Week 10 of the 10 Week CRM Bootcamp. Please be sure to sign up for the next CRM Bootcamp starting in January. 

We also have a Business Planning Made Simple session this Thursday, Dec 1.

As always... I highly recommend the Tuesday Mindset call at 6am PST.

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Passcode: 138921 


Hello, December!

Take some time this week to plan your relationship touch points for the month of December.  

A few ideas:

  • Monthly Newsletter (should go out close to the first of the month!)
  • December Home Anniversaries
  • Christmas and Hanukkah outreach
  • Neighborhood tree pick up schedules
  • Handwritten holiday card
  • Make a small donation to a local charity in honor of each of your 2022 clients

My biggest piece of advice, don't over think it! A nice handwritten card, an unexpected phone call, etc. can make for the perfect touchpoint this time of year.

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