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The One Thing My Top Clients All Have In Common

coach's corner mindset May 12, 2024
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Hey {{ first_name }},

Last week, I got a message from someone I coached several years ago.

He said that back then, he hadn’t taken the coaching the way he needed to. He had felt he was different and needed to do things his own way.

Now, he was ready to come back and try again. This time, he said, he would do what I told him to do.

As a coach, that’s what I love to hear.

But he didn’t stop there. He sent a follow-up email explaining himself—who he is, what he’s struggling with, why certain things are hard for him, and how he might not be like a lot of other agents.

To summarize, he said something like, “What I’d like to get out of my coaching with you is this: How can I build my business in a way that works with who I am? I feel so very different from other agents and I cannot model myself after them—I will just fail.”

When we got on the phone, I let him lay it all out for me. 

Then I said, “I have some really bad news…”

“The business doesn’t work this way. You want the business to bend to you. That’s not going to happen. You have to bend to the business. You have to understand what the process is, and you have to work the process—period.”

This is a very hard pill to swallow.

How the world works has nothing to do with your personal preferences. 

The business doesn’t care what you like and don’t like, what you will and won’t do. 

The business is simply the business.

It’s not about making the business work for you—it’s about you doing what needs to be done every day.

And what needs to be done every day is the 6 Building Blocks. The only 6 things you really need, and also the 6 things you are most likely to avoid doing.

Take Time Blocking, for example. (That’s Building Block #2.) 

This former client said he had tried it and failed. He would create a beautiful schedule in his calendar, only to not adhere to it. 

“What’s the key to doing this?” he asked me. “I’m a very disciplined person, but I simply can’t make time blocking work for me.”

Guess what? Every agent says the same thing. 

Time blocking is incredibly simple. It’s about one thing: prioritizing time over everything else, including money.

ANYONE can time block, but you will never do it as long as money is a higher priority than time.

It’s not about making time blocking work for you. It’s about changing your perspective—learning to LET GO of your personal preferences and simply do what needs to be done.

As long as you’re trying to honor your preferences, you’ll never do the 6 Building Blocks.

If you pay any attention to college football, you know that the University of Alabama is a powerhouse. Nick Saban, the head coach until last year, built what is arguably the most successful program in America.

Here’s what he taught his players…

Get your mind right.

Ignore the scoreboard. Forget about winning.

Do your job at the highest level on every play. Do things the RIGHT way.

That’s no different from what I’m teaching every day. (Not that I’m comparing myself to Nick Saban.)

My coaching is NOT about how much business you do—it’s about HOW you do business.

You don’t control the results. You DO control your effort towards the process.

The only question is, are you gonna follow the process? Will you do it consistently? Will you get a little better at it every day?

Or are you gonna resist the process? Will you let your preferences dictate your life? Will you insist on doing things your way, despite the fact that your way hasn’t gotten you where you want to go?

When I look at my clients who have ACTUALLY built sustainable, scalable, stress-free real estate businesses, they have one crucial thing in common…


They did exactly what they were told, no matter how uncomfortable it felt. 

They didn’t question it. They didn’t resist it. They didn’t try to modify it to make it “work for them.”

They were ready to admit that their old ways were not working. They were humble enough to trust that their coach knew better than they did.

There’s absolutely no reason you can’t achieve what they have achieved…IF you can get out of your own way and allow yourself to be coached.

Will you?


Have a great week!


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