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How to Avoid the Biggest Trap in the Real Estate Business

crm process management strategic planning Dec 26, 2023

Real estate is an aspirational business.

It's fueled by hopes and dreams, not just of buyers and sellers, but agents too.

Most agents get into this business hoping to make a 6- to 7-figure living, be their own boss, and have freedom and flexibility. 

And baked into this industry, without anyone really saying it, is the idea that if you just sell enough homes, it will happen. Those hopes and dreams will come true. Everything will be okay.  

That is a lie.

MORE is not the answer.

If all you do is chase more, I can tell you with certainty what will happen at the end of your career, whether that's 10, 20, or 30+ years away.

Your last deal will be your last paycheck…and it won't be enough.

You will be 75 years old, exhausted, and STILL thinking you need to do one more deal.

If you want to avoid this trap, you have to start with the end in mind.

There are three phases to your real estate career.

Phase One is laying down the foundation, i.e. building your client base by mastering your CRM. 

That means getting the right people in, grouped, tagged and organized in the right way…

Getting everyone on the right outreach cadence…

And building the habit of getting your dashboard down to zero every day.

You sell houses—you know the importance of a foundation. The stronger it is, the more you can build on it. Without this foundation, you can building a lasting business. You'll be on a treadmill to nowhere.

Our CRM Bootcamp in January will help you build this foundation step by step over 10 weeks.

Over 4,000 agents have done this program with us, some multiple times because they get so much value out of it.

If you've ever felt overwhelmed about your CRM…

If it's not much more than a glorified contact book for you…

If you're not using it every day to track and nurture your relationships…

You need help with Phase One. Sign up now and join us starting January 8th to get the foundation of your business in order.

Phase Two of your career is expanding your business, i.e. growing in a way that's sustainable, scalable, stress-free.

For most agents, their go-to growth strategy is simply working harder. That never works for long. It's not sustainable or scalable, and it's very stressful.

To grow without burning out, you have to work smarter, not harder. 

That means building process into everything you do, and refining it continuously. This will not happen overnight. It takes 1-2 years to set up all your processes, and maintenance is a continuous effort.

Phase Three of your career is succession planning, i.e. monetizing what you have done for 30+ years.

That requires a dialed-in CRM, a comprehensive operations manual, and a detailed accounting of every aspect of your business.

This is what gives your business value even after you exit, and it takes 5-10 years to put it in place. 

No one ever teaches you this. 

Ideally, you would start with the end in mind on Day 1 of your real estate career. Obviously, you're past that, so you have to do what the tennis legend Arthur Ashe said…

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Think about this as you close the door on 2023 and move into a new year. No matter where you are in your career, it's never too late to start with the end in mind.

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