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2023 Kick Off!

Jan 09, 2023



I would love for you to give me 3 specific reasons why you are going to succeed in 2023.

Sit down and think and let me know why this is going to be a great year for you.

Intention is not a good reason.

Hope is not a good reason.

Working hard is not a good reason (of course you have to work hard).

What are you actually going to do that will position yourself to have a productive year?

And how is your answer any different from what you have done in the past?

And more more importantly...

What are you doing to promote long term success in your business?

Are you truly growing and aligning your talents/ abilities/ resources with what you want to do?

This is going to be the focus in our first week of Live Daily Business Building Calls.


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The answer to my question above can only begin with one word...


A commitment is making a promise to something with no expectations in return.

A commitment is about giving, not taking or receiving.

A commitment comes from a place of self-awareness.

A commitment is something... YOU CANNOT... NOT DO!!

A commitment limits future choices.

The most complete definition of commitment is: falling in love with something then building guardrails around this behavior that keep you committed in those moments when your love falters.

A thick life is defined by commitments and obligations.

A life well lived is a journey from open options to unwavering commitments.

Commitments build a stronger backbone.

Commitments perfect your perfection.

Commitments reflect your purpose in life.

Commitments give you a greater sense of freecom as it is your "chains" that set you free.

Commitment is taking right action on a daily basis.

What is it that you are really committed to... no matter what?

The thing most humans crave more than anything else is comfort.

You need to be very aware of the edges around your comfort zone.

Most people are only willing to go right up to the edge, and not go beyond.

If you want to have a successful year in 2023...

Three things must be true:

1. You are going to have to do what you don't want to to.

2. You will need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

3. You MUST be willing to let go of your personal preferences. ALL OF THEM!!

Are you REALLY willing to do these three things.

If you are not...

You will simply keep doing what you have always done.



Change is NEVER easy.

You will never change for intellectual reasons.

You will only change when something shifts inside you emotionally and spiritually.

Again, this is going to be another topic of discussion in our first week of Live Building Calls.

 Reminder: Don't miss our Tuesday 6am PST Mindset Calls!!

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Team is something I continue to explore in great detail with intense passion.

Again, as I have stated many times in this section... most teams are team in name only.

The concept of team is completely misunderstood in real estate.

If you have a team or you are thinking about starting a team...

Here is what you need to be thinking about...

What is the purpose of your team?

Is it a vehicle to make more money?

Are you trying to free up time?

Are you looking to build equity in a business that you can sell at some point?

Are you seeking to provide a better client experience?

Is it ego?

Is it ambition?

Are you trying to help others?

You need to be really clear from the start. Your purpose may evolve and change over time however you need to have a reason upfront which leads to the next thing you need to think about.

If you build a team...

You will have basic exit strategies:

1. You run it into the ground.

2. An outside buyer purchases your team.

3. You transition your team to a family member (s).

4. You sell it to your own team members.

5. You create some type of referral agreement with another agent.

These are going to be your basic choices.

The things that will increase the value of your team over the long run include in no specific order:

1. The people you hire and train/ experience/ longevity.

2. Your systems.

3. Your culture.

4. Your CRM.

5. Your brand/ reputation/ website

6. Your P&L/ cash flow

7. Your sources of business development.

8. The incentive for your team to stay if you are not there.

9. Your split structure.

10. The fee you charge on average team wide.

11. Your technology.

12. Your productivity/ market share.

All of these things are going to factor into the value of your team.

Perhaps the biggest impact on the value of your team will be what % of the business you are responsible for as compared to your team members. You want your % of the overall production to be as low as possible.

Bottom line: There are many things that you need to be thinking through that are probably not on your radar right now.

Team is way more complicated than you think.

If you don't know the issues you need to be thinking about...

Team is a sure fire way to:

1. Work harder

2. Make less

3. Have more stress!!I

In 2023 we are going to launch a Team Coaching Program. This is not going to be a lecture or workshop or presentation. This is going to be top team leaders getting together on a regular basis and working through all the situational issues you face on a regular basis. All topics will be up for discussion. This will be your opportunity as a team leader to really to brainstorm with the best of the best to find solutions that work for you and your team. If you are interested, please email with TEAM in the subject line. 


One of the most important decisions you make as a real estate agent is the fee you charge. 

This decision touches every single part of your business.

This decision needs to be made from a longer term perspective, not what is easier in the moment.

And you really cannot understand what decision to make until you thoroughly know what charging a full fee is all about.

There is a reason people why pay you your full fee and a reason they won't.

And it is not what you think it is!!

Starting this Tuesday, January 10th we will begin our monthly calls with Chris Voss and The Black Swan Group.

I highly encourage you to enroll in this program.

Here is the link - MONTHLY BLACK SWAN CALLS. 

Please email with any questions about this program.


In June of 2023...

We are going to do a live 2 day program with Chris Voss and the Black Swan coaches.

The location will be either Los Angeles or Las Vegas. If you would like to get updates on this program - dates/ location/ pricing... please email with BLACK SWAN in the subject line. 

Don't forget to check out the  4-part video series that is the perfect compliment to the book:

The Full Fee Agent 4-Part Video Course [Non-Compass Agents]

The Full Fee Agent 4-Part Video Course [Compass Agents]


Let's Go Back to the Basics

The beginning of the year is a great time to go back to the following books by Michael Singer:

The Untethered Soul

The Surrender Experiment

Living Untethered

Pick one or all three.

This information will ground you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


This Monday we start both the 10 Week CRM Bootcamp and the next 12 week rotation of Live Building Building and Role Play Calls.

All the details to enroll are in the top 2 sections of this edition of The 2 Minute Drill.


Commitment to Consistency

When it comes to working your CRM in 2023, the biggest opportunity I see for most Agents is making a commitment to consistency.

This means...

  • Consistently working your CRM time block every day Monday - Friday
  • Consistently sending out a monthly newsletter at the first of each month
  • Consistently staying in touch with your Past Clients during the year post closing
  • Consistently getting your dashboard down to zero every day
  • Consistently getting an online review after each closing

Consistency builds trust- not only with yourself but with your relationships.

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