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The Week of 12/5 in Review

Dec 11, 2022

Why do real estate agents work 7 days per week?

The real reason most agents work 7 days per week is...

Because they don't work 5 days!!

What do I mean by this?

Most agents are working 7 days per week because they don't time block and they end up working in a very efficient manner.

When you time block... there is no need to work 7 days per week. You can get everything done in 5.

When you time block...

You prioritize what is most important and...

You focus on only doing high probability activities vs random and low and no probability activities - namely chasing!!

Chasing is a very ineffective way to run your business. You will almost always end up being on call 24/7 because you never know when someone might show up as a "threat" to do business.

The biggest challenge agents have with time blocking is...

When you time block your week...

You imagine other people's demands of your time are going to line up with your time blocks.

And when your schedule doesn't align with their schedule... you quickly come to the conclusion that time blocking doesn't work.

When you time block...

You are committed to following your schedule... no matter what.

You have space in your week for all the activities that are most important to you...

Prep time...

And you stick to your time blocks no matter what. A buyer who can't see property when you have scheduled time for that activity... is not a real buyer.

Rather than being a pinball and being totally reactive... you stick to your schedule and do what is most important.

Time blocking requires you to come from a place of trust, not fear.

You trust your time blocks.

However, most agents are not convinced you can time block. Instead, they feel they need to be ready to change plans at any time.

And as long as you feel this way... you are right.

And if you are reading this... you are probably saying... "I have tried time blocking and it doesn't work for me." 

My question to you... how long did you really "try" it and how committed were you? If you have not stuck with time blocking for at least a year... you cannot intelligently form an opinion as to whether it works or not.

Time blocking and Chasing are mutually exclusive.

Until you are willing to give up the Chasing habit...  time blocking will never work for you.

However, when you commit yourself to time blocking... you will end up working less and making more.

And isn't that the goal???

Remember, one of the keys to succeeding in both life and business is...

Learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Next week I will go over the mechanics of time blocking!!

Stay tuned!!

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The Mindset of CRM

What is your Mind-Set when it comes to CRM?

You love your CRM?

You hate your CRM?

Something in between?

CRM starts with the reality that real estate is a repeat and referral business.

When you commit to running your business through your CRM...

You are making the shift from having a transactional focus to a relational focus.

You are not selling your value to someone... you are cultivating and nurturing relationships built on trust.

You are taking a holistic view of what you do and you are executing a strategy that is going to work over the long term.

You realize every day you are talking to people who are not going to do a deal today.

You are not worried about instant gratification.

In fact, you are not worried about anything... because you know if you systematically and consistently stay in touch with people, positioning yourself as a trusted advisor... you are giving yourself the best chance for success.

CRM, like time blocking, is about trust, not fear.

Your CRM is your most powerful business building tool.

When you make your CRM the driving force in your business... you are going an "inch wide and a mile deep".

You no longer have to hedge your bet and try a little of everything.

Instead... mastery is the goal.

You time block your CRM time every day.

You get the right people in the system.

Everyone is set up on a contact plan.

You get your "dashboard down to zero" every day, meaning you make your calls and do your tasks.

This is the Mindset of CRM.

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A Culture of Team Productivity

If you are like most team leaders...

You are walking on eggshells around your team agents.

You don't know why they are not more motivated to work harder and do more deals.

You are often frustrated with their lack of effort and productivity. 

If truth be told...

You would like to give most of them a swift kick in the butt.

Bottom line...  there is way too much hand holding and adult day care taking place.

Ask yourself...

What is keeping you from building a Culture of Team Productivity?

Watch the Deion Sanders talk in the Film Room section.

What if you stood before your team and shared... no one should get too comfortable in their seat because they probably won't be here next year?

What if you shared... I am going to do everything possible to make you quit this team... to see who really wants to stay?

A team is about productivity, not feelings.

When you run your business based on feelings, not performance... it is a very expensive way to run your business.

As I wrote last week in this column...

Developing a culture of team productivity requires a process for:

1. Hiring
2. Onboarding
3. Training
4. Accountability
5. Terminating

As long as you are afraid of hurting someone's feelings... you will NEVER have a high functioning and performing team. NEVER!!

 If you are truly committed to being a successful team leader... email and request Session #1 of the 6 Week Ultimate Team Playbook Coaching Program. Please put Session #1 in the subject line.



Again, I truly hope you buy and read the book Chris Voss and I have written. It is a total game changer!!
Here are some great dialogs that came up last week...
When someone asks you to chip in part of your commission for any reason...
It seems like I must have let you down in some way.
It is not my professional practice to cover any shortfall between buyer and seller in a transaction.
I am not here to convince you that your home is not worth what you think it is.
The market is showing you what buyers are willing to pay (or not pay)... for your home.
Given what you are thinking... and what the marketing is telling you...
How do you want to proceed?
I am not here to convince you that your home is not worth what you think it is.
I have only one question for you...
What if the "best" buyer is not willing to pay you what you want for your home...
What will you do?
I am not here to convince you that your home is not worth what you think it is.
The thing you want to think about is...
How much longer do you want to be on the market without receiving an offer you are willing to accept?
The answer to that question will help us determine the best way to move forward.
Remember, whether you agree or not, with what your client is thinking or doing...
They must always feel like you are being their advocate.
The moment a client starts to feel you are negotiating against them in any way... you need to stop and address the situation.
It is always about them, not you!!
Language like...
You might want to factor this into your decision making process...
As you think about this...
As you make your decision...
As you get ready to make a choice regarding...
Keep the responsibility where it belongs... on them.
Quoting from The Full Fee Agent...
"You've also stopped taking responsibility for things that are outside your control. Before, you felt like it was your job to steer every choice and solve every problem. Now, you recognize that in the end, only the client can decide anything. Your job is to be the trusted advisor who provides all the information they need to make informed, empowered choices. Your stress, anger, angst, and frustration don't help - they just get in the way. So, you let the focus on guiding the client's decisions, not owning them."
Don't forget to check out the  4-part video series that is the perfect compliment to the book:

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The Full Fee Agent 4-Part Video Course [Compass Agents]


Every Team Leader needs to watch this video!!

This is Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer addressing his team after just being named the head coach of the University of Colorado football team.

This is a master class in setting expectations and building team culture!!



Here are 2 great Small Group Coaching Calls from the past week...

*Thursday 7AM Small Group Coaching
*Thursday 7:30 AM Small Group Coaching


This week we have our last Business Planning Made Simple program - Tuesday Dec. 13th 9:30am to 11am PST. Click here for all the details (non-Compass Agents click here). This is not like any other goal setting and business planning program you have ever done!!

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Your CRM Time Block

Agents often ask me what activities they should be focusing on during their CRM time block each day. What do I prioritize? How do I stay focused? 

Your CRM time block should be made up of two types of activitiesOrganizing & Updating (admin tasks) and Outreach & Follow Ups (engaging with people!).

Keeping your CRM organized, logging calls, etc. is just as important as reaching out to your relationships. 

See below for some suggested CRM Time Block Activities.


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