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1-on-1 Personal Coaching with Steve Shull

Steve’s job as a real estate coach is to position you to succeed at the highest level possible and keep you moving forward at all times. This does not happen by accident. It only happens on purpose.

Given what you are wanting to accomplish, the market you are in, the skills you possess, and the resources available to you, Steve will put all these pieces together to form the best and most appropriate strategy for you.

There is no “one size fits all” formula. Every situation is different and every coaching relationship is unique.

Each week the focus is very simple… do what is most important and stop doing the things that hold you back.

If you need a coach with a strong, steady, and experienced hand, that is what you can expect from Steve.


I have been coaching with Steve Shull for 6 years. He has not only helped me increase my business and more than triple my income, but he has helped me become a better agent with a healthier mindset. I now lean into what I used to fear and avoid. I am creating a real business rather than winging it like I used to do. I can't thank him enough."

 Tracey Feder- Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams | Sherman Oaks, California

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Choose Your Coaching Plan

There is no contract. I only want to coach you as long as you feel you are getting value out of the process. Ideally, you would look at this as a minimum 12 to 18-month commitment. Most of my coaching clients have been coaching 5 to 10+ years with me. 

If you pay in advance and want to end our coaching relationship, fees are prorated at $2500 per month and any monies owed will be refunded.

Enroll Today | $2,500 Per Month
Enroll Today | $12,000 - 6 Months