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Are you having trouble keeping track of your transactions–what you’ve done and what you need to do?

Do you ask yourself all day long what you should be doing next and find yourself reacting instead of getting ahead of your business?

Do you have an admin or need one but aren’t sure what you would have them do? Want to expand your team but have no way to scale?

Are you running your business or is it running you… ragged?

The Compass platform, if used to its full potential and consistently, will help you run your business and allow you to scale and grow. And it will allow you to do your #1 job: cultivate relationships.

With our Systems & Operations Audit and 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions, you will take your business to the next level by getting your “house” in order and learning how to function more effectively and efficiently.


  • Help agents and teams set up and manage VAs/admins for success

  • Help agents and teams refine their operational processes so that they can work smarter, not harder


  • Agents and teams about to hire your first admin/VA and want to set them up for success

  • Agents and teams who have or have had admin and not sure if maximizing their utility or failed to onboard/manage them for success


  • Operations Audit

    • In this initial session, we will discuss your current systems and processes, identify opportunities and gaps, and review our step-by-step plan for establishing an operation for greater efficiency and growth.

  • 4 thirty-minute Sessions with Operations/Systems Expert and Coach, Susie Adamson. where we will cover things like:

    • Making sure your CRM is organized

    • Setting up your team drive, calendar, and other systems

    • Creating/refining transaction checklists (with exclusive access to Susie’s checklist templates!)

    • Adding email templates to checklists

    • Setting up and using your business tracker

    • Using your task list for your daily marching orders

    • Using action plans

    • Knowing the best uses for Bulk emails vs Marketing emails

    • Identifying admin/ops responsibilities (with access to Susie's admin responsibility worksheet!)

    • Establishing clear, efficient onboarding of admin(s)

    • And much more!

Meet Susie. Your Process Advisor and Coach.

Susie is a seasoned professional in the real estate industry, and she is driven by a mission to empower agents to achieve more with less stress through operational mastery, efficiency, and focus. With a strong corporate background in senior levels of advertising, marketing, and brand consulting, Susie brings a unique perspective to the real estate market, and her team consistently ranks in the top 1.5% of small teams in the country.

Throughout her career, Susie has honed her skills in delivering the highest level of client service through an uncommon expertise in process management–optimizing workflows and systems for maximum efficiency. She is passionate about helping agents overcome challenges and reach their full potential, providing them with the practical tools and strategies they need to increase their bandwidth and energy to grow and scale their business.

Caroline Wilkins | CRM Expert & Advisor

Susie has been integral in helping us rebuild our processes and systems for our business. She’s been able to present it in digestible, bite-sized pieces so that we can actually implement the systems and not feel overwhelmed. Her knowledge and task mastering of the Compass platform is unlike anyone I’ve known. 
We feel truly lucky she was able to work with us. With these new processes, I feel we are going to be unstoppable! We are forever grateful to Susie!!

Heather Domi | Compass

I reached out to Susie to help me build systems and processes-taking what was in my head and getting it systematized. I am confident now that my business is ready to be scaleable and I can build a real estate team that will deliver consistent and high level service to every one of our clients. Susie is smart, methodical, and patient with the gift of meeting me where I need her most. I know that my team and I will benefit from Susie's next-level thinking for years to come.

Laura Atwood Kottler | Compass

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