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The Full Fee Agent | Video Course

There is an overwhelming belief that you cannot charge a full fee and thrive in this business.


Everyone wants to pretend there is nothing they can do about it. This is totally false. In fact, one of the most effective ways to grow your business is… charging a full fee – 6%.

The ultimate test of your skill and ability is the fee you charge. Name one single profession outside of real estate, where the best consistently work for less. Commission is the conversation most agents fear. If you have an open mind and you are willing to hear a completely different perspective… this course will change your entire attitude and approach when it comes to the fee you charge. There is a reason why people will pay you your full fee and why they won’t.

Hint: it has nothing to do with your track record or listing presentation!

The 4-part video series includes:

  • Video One – The Mindset of a Full Fee Agent
  • Video Two – Knocking Down Your Commission Excuses and the Objections You Most Fear
  • Video Three – Commission Conversations with Tactical Empathy
  • Video Four – Making 6% Your Standard.

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Perfect Compliment to the Book!

This online video course is the perfect compliment to The Full Fee Agent book.

In the past, I mostly asked for 6%, but I was quick to back down. I ended up getting 6% about half the time and settling for 5% the other half. Since working with Steve, I've realized that if the client values my services, they will pay 6%. If they do not, they are not going to be fun to work with. I no longer back down. I used to wait until we were well into the listing interaction to bring the fee up. I now raise the issue upfront. It really clears the air to handle it this way. Thank you Steve!

I’m absolutely getting 6% as the norm on my list side business and keeping 3.5% as a direct result of Steve challenging me to do so. It was the challenge that really got me asking for 6 and the support and coaching that kept me winning time after time. Rarely do clients push back on the fee, and if they do, I know exactly how to articulate my value.

Are you ready to make 6% your standard?

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