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The Business Building & Live Role Play Program

With this program, you get access to two daily Zoom calls. 

The morning and evening group calls bookend your day in the best way possible.

Real estate is a business that rewards Consistency more than anything else.

Participating in these two calls each day will absolutely promote a more consistent effort in your life and business. 

Enroll Now | $1,000 for 12 Weeks [Starting APRIL 3RD]

The Business Building Call

  • 8:00 AM PST Monday through Friday
  • 30 Minutes each session
  • Via Zoom 
  • Group Size – 150+

The morning Zoom group call will ground you in the six primary building blocks

  1. The Mindset of Surrender
  2. Time Blocking
  3. CRM
  4. Process Management
  5. Emotional Intelligence/ Tactical Empathy
  6. Numbers Tracking


The Live Role Play Call

  • 5:30 PM PST Monday through Thursday
  • 30 Minutes each session
  • Via Zoom
  • Group Size – 100+

This call is devoted strictly to role-playing. We cover every aspect of your real estate business. We take an in-depth look at the various real-life situations and scenarios you are presented with within the normal course of business.

We methodically work through each challenge using an emotionally intelligent and empathetic approach to achieve the best outcome possible.

Each night you will have a chance to get on the “HotSeat” and test your skills in a low-stakes environment. This is the only way you can stay sharp and master your professional skills.


I've been participating in Steve's morning/evening Coaching program for two years now and have no intention of giving it up. The morning sessions are eye-opening, build awareness and help time block and set a solid mindset for the day. They've dramatically improved my approach to my business, how I conduct business, and how I interact with and counsel clients. The evening role-playing sessions, focusing on the teachings of Steve and Chris Voss' tactical empathy and emotional intelligence philosophies for better communication, are a total game-changer. If you want to begin and end each day with your mind in the right space, this program is a no-brainer!

Darian Robin - Director, Estates Division, The Agency | Los Angeles

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I've learned a lot in these last couple of months and have actively been applying the techniques that you've been teaching. I'm now at the point of truly letting go of the outcome and just enjoying the process of putting into practice the new tools I've been given. I've never liked that feeling of chasing, it's the one thing that I hated about real estate.

This new way of doing business allows me to shine as a true professional.

I feel that I'm in alignment, I'm in harmony, my boundaries and expectations are clear and I'm claiming my worth and that's pretty powerful! Grateful for you!!!

Valerie Recio , COMPASS | Austin

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